Month: September 2016

Treating the Under Eye Area With Soft Tissue Fillers

Model after receiving Eye Fillers

Under eye circles and puffiness can work together to create a tired appearance, making a young face look old and an older face appear even older. Many women obsess about under eye problems, creating a market for an endless and confusing array of products, including creams, gels, concealers, brighteners and rollerballs. Lower lid blepharoplasty, which… Read more »



NATRELLE INSPIRA™ Represents Company’s Latest Innovation in Breast Implants Provides New Implant Option for Surgeons and Patients Seeking Reconstruction, Augmentation or Revision Surgery Allergan, Inc. (NYSE: AGN) announced that the company has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market NATRELLE INSPIRA™ round gel-filled smooth breast implants. The NATRELLE INSPIRA™ line is… Read more »

The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Patient Received Tummy Tuck at Bortnick Plastic Surgery

Abdominoplasty – or a tummy tuck, as it is more commonly known – is a cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens the muscles and removes loose skin and fat from the abdomen so that it appears flat and toned. Mostly associated with “mommy makeovers,” a procedure that allows women to restore their figures after pregnancy, abdominoplasty… Read more »

What Does ‘Aging Gracefully’ Mean?

Aging Gracefully

When people talk about getting older, it’s not uncommon for them to use the term “aging gracefully.” Often, celebrities like Helen Mirren or Diane Lane are described this way, because they are beautiful older women who don’t seem to be going out of their way to hold on to their youth. But, celebrities aside, how… Read more »

Top 7 Things to Know About Brown Spots

Model with Brown Spots

They may be called brown spots, age spots, or liver spots, but one thing is sure: nobody wants them. The Japanese spend a big percentage of their beauty dollars on targeting brown spots, which they call “shimi.” In the United States our demand for brown spot lightening is steadily rising, especially since these discolorations can… Read more »

How to Plan Your Summer Surgery

Couple after receiving Summer Surgery at Bortnick Plastic Surgery

Usually, long vacations take place over the summer and during the winter holidays. Anytime you have enough time to take off and recover at home from surgery is a good time to have cosmetic surgery. Many procedures like laser hair removal and breast surgery is best done months before the summer so you can see… Read more »

How to Make Your Breasts More Attractive

Model with Attractive Breasts

We all know there is a lot you can do with hair and makeup. But, did you ever consider that there is a lot you can do with your breasts? If you interview a group of plastic surgeons about breasts, you will be confounded by the number of ways to improve their appearance. Allure magazine… Read more »

Best Ways to Fix “Turkey Wattle” Neck

Woman wearing Turtle Neck

The late queen of keepin’ it real, Nora Ephron wasn’t alone when she titled her 2006 best-seller, “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” In fact, as we age it’s a strong bet that many of us will start to feel “bad” about our necks — and for good reason. A once swanlike neck that starts… Read more »

Great Skin Care Made Easy!

Woman with good Skin Care

Great skin care made simple! Remember GRASS. Patients, as consumers are bewildered and assaulted by the cosmeceutical industry. The choices are so overwhelming that they are intimidated and often do nothing instead. The truth is, like exercise something is better than nothing, but great looking skin is as simple to remember as GRASS. The basic… Read more »