Testimonial 7

I am a female that has wanted to have breast reduction for many years, due to ongoing back pain despite regular chiropractic appointments, rashes under the breasts, inability to be fitted properly for a bra, my inability to find properly fitting clothing and my unhappiness with my personal appearance. I finally pursued these thoughts and came to Dr. Bortnick for a consult. What an awesome doctor with awesome bedside manner. During my initial consult, Dr. Bortnick sat down with me and explained all the risks and benefits of this operation and answered all my questions/concerns. I knew after consulting with Dr. Bortnick that I would move forward with this decision to have this surgery if my health insurance would cover most of the expense.The office help did an awesome job. Kudos to Christina and Dawn for doing awesome through my entire care from beginning to end. Having this surgery was the best decision I made! I have never been happier about my physical appearance, now wearing shirts and tops I wouldn’t have worn prior to surgery, and the “art” work of Dr. Bortnick is magnificent! If I were to recommend a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dan Bortnick would be the name I would give anyone that asks that question. I have had so many compliments on my physical appearance since I had my surgery. Thank you Dr. Bortnick and all the staff involved!

K., 33