Your First Visit

Your first visit will be a consultation with Dr. Bortnick and a nurse. Usually lasting about 45 minutes, these visits are used to gather information about your goals, requirements, health and medical history.

You should come prepared to your first visit by filling out the forms in the new patient packet. This will allow Dr. Bortnick and the nurse to spend more time in discussion with you to give you a more well-informed recommendation.

During your consultation, Dr. Bortnick will examine the relevant areas of your body by taking detailed measurements and notes. For breast and body procedures, this may require that you stand in front of a full-length mirror while you examine these areas together. Dr. Bortnick will then explain the procedure or procedures that can help to accomplish your goals. If necessary, a nurse will take medical photographs for your records or for insurance purposes. You may ask any questions at this time.

After your consultation, Dr. Bortnick will recommend specific next steps. He will discuss benefits and drawbacks of the recommended procedure or procedures and allow you time to make a decision. You will receive a written quote of financial costs, including hospital, anesthesia, implant and surgeon fees. Some procedures, such as blepharoplasties to improve vision and breast reduction surgery, may be covered by insurance. If so, an estimate of insurance coverage will be included.

Some surgical procedures, such as breast augmentation, will require a second consultation with a nurse to discuss any further concerns or questions you may have. If you choose to move forward with the recommended procedure or procedures, you will be provided with the required consent forms.