Case Study: Learn About Tanya’s Breast Augmentation

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Tanya, a 43-year-old wife and mother, had long believed that her exercise regime would help her stay in shape, but eventually realized that there were some elements which working out would not alter, and decided to look into possible breast augmentation. She’d never been happy with her breasts, and would often wear padded bras in an attempt to enhance her appearance. After her daughter was born, however, she found her breast size decreased and made the decision to move ahead with plastic surgery.

As a result, she is now able to wear the clothes she’s wanted to wear and look the way she has long desired. She first had saline implants put in 12 years ago, and recently had her breasts augmented again, this time with silicone implants, with which she is very happy. Thus far, she hasn’t had any complaints about her implants and is quite pleased with the results.

Following the surgery, she initially experience discomfort in her chest area, what she describes as pressure on her chest, which substantially decreased in the days that followed. For Tanya, it took a few months before she felt as if the new implants were “a part of me.”

For her second augmentation, she didn’t have nearly as much discomfort as her first, and she only took over-the-counter Ibuprofen to alleviate her pain.

Prior to choosing her surgeon, she met with four physicians, insisting on a board certified plastic surgeon, with whom she felt comfortable. She advises that those considering surgery find a board certified plastic surgeon as well. Tanya says to make sure that the choice for surgery is yours alone, and that you’re not undergoing a procedure to make someone else happy, as then you won’t be fully pleased with the results.

Tanya notes that she is very happy with her own results, making her feel like a better person.