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Treating the Under Eye Area With Soft Tissue Fillers

Model after receiving Eye Fillers

Under eye circles and puffiness can work together to create a tired appearance, making a young face look old and an older face appear even older. Many women obsess about under eye problems, creating a market for an endless and confusing array of products, including creams, gels, concealers, brighteners and rollerballs. Lower lid blepharoplasty, which… Read more »

Top 7 Things to Know About Brown Spots

Model with Brown Spots

They may be called brown spots, age spots, or liver spots, but one thing is sure: nobody wants them. The Japanese spend a big percentage of their beauty dollars on targeting brown spots, which they call “shimi.” In the United States our demand for brown spot lightening is steadily rising, especially since these discolorations can… Read more »

Great Skin Care Made Easy!

Woman with good Skin Care

Great skin care made simple! Remember GRASS. Patients, as consumers are bewildered and assaulted by the cosmeceutical industry. The choices are so overwhelming that they are intimidated and often do nothing instead. The truth is, like exercise something is better than nothing, but great looking skin is as simple to remember as GRASS. The basic… Read more »

We Now Offer LYTERA Skin Brightening Complex

Model for Skin Brightening Complex

We are so excited to offer LYTERA, the next generation in skin brightening! LYTERA is a brightening product that addresses the appearance of skin discoloration, giving you brighter skin through patented, scientific innovation. LYTERA effectively reduces the appearance of visible dark spots creating a more even skin tone. LYTERA is formulated with highly effective antioxidants…. Read more »