Testimonial 2

I am a 56 year-old woman who consulted with Dr. Bortnick about facial cosmetic surgery. Up until nearly 4 years ago, I would not have considered elective surgery such as this, but in January, 2010, I had an acoustic neuroma (tumor in my skull, pressing on my brain) removed and as a result, the nerves and muscles on the left side of my face did not return to normal, leaving my face sagging a great deal on that side. Because my job requires me to meet frequently with people in the community, sometimes giving presentations on behalf of my agency, I decided to get a consultation with Dr. Bortnick in order to explore my options. Dr. Bortnick spent a great deal of time consulting with me and was extremely thorough in his explanation of the surgical process, healing time and potential side-effects. He was especially careful regarding his recommendations because I have a number of medical issues and take a variety of medications that could have compromised my overall health.

Dr. Bortnick consulted with all of my medical specialists to make sure that the surgery and his care of me would be of the highest quality and have the greatest chance for success with the fewest risks. I had the surgery in October 2013; it included: face-lift, brow lift, upper eyelid lift and neck-lift. Yes, I was swollen and a bit bruised, but I could see the difference soon after surgery. In fact, I was out in public shopping and eating out for lunch two days later! I went back to work less than 1 ½ weeks afterward and felt great. Dr. Bortnick and his staff have provided thorough follow-up with me; and, by the way, the nurses and staff are terrific too.

I am very pleased with the results and am so happy that I decided to have this surgery. Let’s be clear, I do not look like a “young girl”; but that was not the goal for me. I am still a 56 year-old woman, but now I look like a healthier 56 year-old woman – who sometimes, still has to look in the mirror to make sure that her new and healthier reflection there is real – and always – it is!

P., 56